Image of a bald eagle taking flight at the ocean Image of clam dig
Razor Clams

The last clam digs were GREAT! Lots of Big clams and full limits! Get ready for the upcoming digs to be announced by Washington State Fish & Game and get your reservations early! The Ocean City / Ocean Shores Beaches are considered the Best Razor Clamming on the Washington Coast! Hordes of very large Moss Back Razor clams are waiting for you! 5 to 10 minutes for getting your limits are not uncommon. Camping at the Screamin' Eagle will put you as close to the BIG CLAMS as you can get!

Image of fishing in the ocean
Fishing around Ocean Shores

It's not uncommon for guests to fish for perch and salmon right at the Ocean's edge or in Connor Creek behind the campground. Salmon (spring, summer, and fall Chinook and coho) and groundfish, including lingcod and rockfish are typically found just off the coast. Make your plans now for the upcoming season!

Image of an elk at sunset Image of an elk at the ocean
Hunting in the Olympic Forrests

The Hunting seasons were very active this year and produced a great season for all! We're a great stop along the way to many hunting areas on the Olympic Peninsula. Plan your adventure today!

For Current Regulations:

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District 17 - Grays Harbor and Pacific - Hunting Reports:

  Harvest Year
Species 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016
Elk N/A 768
Bulls: 593
Cows: 175
766 748 856 733 717
Deer N/A 1,562
Buck: 1,347
Doe: 215
1,476 1,674 1,542 1,258 1,837
Bear N/A 142 139 202 123 109 73
Cougar N/A 6 adults 8ᶲ 7 14 11 8
Ducks N/A Pacific County: 4,731
Grays Harbor County: 8,413
16,864 19848 19,715 19,157 15,211
Geese (Fall) N/A Pacific County: 231
Grays Harbor County: 293
ǂ ǂ ǂ 1,372 1,979
Geese (September) N/A 160 190 556 309 424 269
Forest Grouse N/A Pacific County: 760
Grays Harbor County: 2,118
4,503 * 3,724 3,700 3,500
Rabbit/Hare N/A 84 124 323 65 145 5

* Data Unavailable
ᶲ Cougar harvest may include animals from adjacent GMU’s 636 and 651
ǂ Late season goose not included for 2018-20 due to changes in reporting method