Camping with horse/s, is only permitted in Sites RV - 23, 24, 25, and/or 26 (50 or 30 amp, Water, WiFi, Corrals).

Horse reservations are created as “ADD ONS”.  Click on the “Add-On” link in your Cart once you have selected your site, the add-on link will show in your cart. The Add-on link is only available for Sites RV 23 through 26.  We have no other available parking for additional horse trailers.

Horses must be kept in their designated corrals. No highlining, portable fencing, etc., outside of the corral is permitted. Horses cannot be ridden or walked through any portion of the campground at any time. Horse riders have a separate entrance and exit. Stallions are not permitted. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their horses. 

The registered party is fully responsible for all damages and/or injuries caused by their Horse/s.

An “Agreement of Responsibility/Liability Release” form is required to be signed at check-in before your horses are unloaded.  Please stop at the office before going to your site.

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