WiFi Policy


This policy outlines the standards which Screamin' Eagle Campground & RV requires all users of its electronic communications systems and equipment to follow.

What is covered by the Policy?
The use of the WiFi network supplied by Screamin' Eagle Campground & RV.

Who is covered by the policy?
This policy covers all individuals who wish to use the WiFi network supplied by Screamin' Eagle Campground & RV.

Internet Use

Guests are reminded that your use of the Internet will be directly traceable to our Internet address. As such, we can usually figure out which hotspot was in use and work backwards to find which site was using the internet at the time which can then further be tied back to your reservation.

We therefore ask you not to visit sites which are:

  • Illegal under current laws of the United States, Washington State, Grays Harbor County or Ocean City.
  • Harassment, intimidation, bullying, defamatory and/or threatening behavior towards any specific individual or group, including their sex, race, religion or any disability or sexual orientation.
  • Contain obscene, profane or abusive language.
  • Contain pornographic material whether in writing, pictures, films or video clips.
  • Contain offensive material regarding sex, race, religion or any disability or sexual orientation.
  • Infringe third-party rights or otherwise unlawful.

Internet Content

Screamin' Eagle Campground & RV reserves the right to block access to any site at any time without notice.
Screamin' Eagle Campground & RV will take reasonable steps to block any site that it deems inappropriate. However, we cannot guarantee that all inappropriate content will be blocked. If you gain access to a site that you deem inappropriate, close your web browser immediately.

Systems and Data Security

Screamin' Eagle Campground & RV will not be held responsible for any damage to your equipment while connected to its network.

Screamin' Eagle Campground & RV will provide Internet access via the wireless network and will undertake reasonable steps to ensure it is secure from unauthorized users. However, no guarantee can be made to this effect. Your internet usage is not guaranteed to be unmonitored by other guests on the same network. 

You are responsible for your own anti-virus and anti-malware precautions including the use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections to help prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to your computer or transmitted data. Many of these steps should be done prior to using our network to avoid risk. Use of our wireless network is at your own risk. Screamin' Eagle Campground & RV is not responsible for any data breach of your systems while using our network.

You should not attempt to gain access to restricted areas of the network or to any password protected information without being duly authorized to do so.

Monitoring and Compliance

Screamin' Eagle Campground & RV reserves the right to protect its network and systems by recording user ACTIVITY but not CONTENT. That is to say, no CONTENT will be captured but that a list of surfing activity may be recorded for the following purposes:

  • To ensure that the use of the system is legitimate and in accordance with this policy.
  • To comply with any legal obligation.

If your use constitutes a criminal offense, the information will be handed to the appropriate authorities.

We lightly monitor usage as part of the park improvements and do have some limited protections in place.

Specific Permissions to You

Wireless access to the Internet is in accordance with this policy. Use of the WiFi network provided by Screamin' Eagle Campground & RV infers your acceptance of this policy.

If you feel that we are not abiding by this policy, you should contact us immediately by using the information listed below. 

Mailing Address: 17 2nd Ave, Ocean City, WA 98569
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: (360) 289-2189<

Our Campground's Reservation Policies: 
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Our Campground's Privacy Policy: 
Your Privacy and Safety is very important to us. Please be sure to read these to understand how your information is being used when connected to our systems and those of our third-party providers.

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  • Our third-party reservation system is hosted by RezPlot Systems, LLC d/b/a Campspot. Their Privacy Policy can be found here.